Audit - May 2024

Harvard alumni group releases its own report today on how Harvard's education systemically planted and spread the seeds of hatred for Israel and Jews well before October 7th, 2023.

Jewish and Israeli students face ostracism and harassment not only from peers but also from faculty and teaching staff.

The alumni group is an advocate for Jewish students, alumni, faculty, and staff—and for veritas. We are here to drive change.

The Administration isn’t listening, but we are.

The Harvard Jewish Alumni Alliance (HJAA), too, has been doing our research. Our report, The Soil Beneath the Encampments: How Israel and Jews Became the Focus of Hate at Harvard, shows, in students’ own words, a pervasive anti-Israel, anti-Jewish environment on campus. We dove into the schools, departments and centers, course catalogs, faculty, events, and speakers. Our findings reveal systemic issues affecting Jewish and Israeli students, and we are calling for urgent action. Learn more and read the full report here.

Please join us in our mission to counter the degradation of academic standards and ensure a single set of conduct standards applies to all students.

We are here if you want to talk. Anonymous because that’s what it has come to. Reach out at [email protected].